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Uses of TagNode in org.htmlcleaner

Methods in org.htmlcleaner that return TagNode
 TagNode HtmlCleaner.clean(File file)
 TagNode HtmlCleaner.clean(File file, String charset)
 TagNode HtmlCleaner.clean(InputStream in)
 TagNode HtmlCleaner.clean(InputStream in, String charset)
 TagNode HtmlCleaner.clean(Reader reader)
protected  TagNode HtmlCleaner.clean(Reader reader, org.htmlcleaner.CleanTimeValues cleanTimeValues)
          Basic version of the cleaning call.
 TagNode HtmlCleaner.clean(String htmlContent)
 TagNode HtmlCleaner.clean(URL url)
          Creates instance from the content downloaded from specified URL.
 TagNode HtmlCleaner.clean(URL url, String charset)
 TagNode TagNode.findElementByAttValue(String attName, String attValue, boolean isRecursive, boolean isCaseSensitive)
 TagNode TagNode.findElementByName(String findName, boolean isRecursive)
 TagNode TagNode.findElementHavingAttribute(String attName, boolean isRecursive)
 TagNode[] TagNode.getAllElements(boolean isRecursive)
 TagNode[] TagNode.getChildTags()
 TagNode[] TagNode.getElementsByAttValue(String attName, String attValue, boolean isRecursive, boolean isCaseSensitive)
 TagNode[] TagNode.getElementsByName(String findName, boolean isRecursive)
 TagNode[] TagNode.getElementsHavingAttribute(String attName, boolean isRecursive)
 TagNode TagNode.getParent()
 TagNode TagNode.makeCopy()

Methods in org.htmlcleaner that return types with arguments of type TagNode
 List<? extends TagNode> TagNode.getAllElementsList(boolean isRecursive)
 List<TagNode> TagNode.getChildren()
          Deprecated. use getChildTagList(), will be refactored and possibly removed in future versions. TODO This method should be refactored because is does not properly match the commonly used Java's getter/setter strategy.
 List<TagNode> TagNode.getChildTagList()
 List<? extends TagNode> TagNode.getElementList(ITagNodeCondition condition, boolean isRecursive)
          Get all elements in the tree that satisfy specified condition.
 List<? extends TagNode> TagNode.getElementListByAttValue(String attName, String attValue, boolean isRecursive, boolean isCaseSensitive)
 List<? extends TagNode> TagNode.getElementListByName(String findName, boolean isRecursive)
 List<? extends TagNode> TagNode.getElementListHavingAttribute(String attName, boolean isRecursive)

Methods in org.htmlcleaner with parameters of type TagNode
protected  void HtmlCleaner.addPruneNode(TagNode node, org.htmlcleaner.CleanTimeValues cleanTimeValues)
 Document DomSerializer.createDOM(TagNode rootNode)
 org.jdom2.Document JDomSerializer.createJDom(TagNode rootNode)
protected  boolean XmlSerializer.dontEscape(TagNode tagNode)
protected  boolean HtmlSerializer.dontEscape(TagNode tagNode)
 Object[] XPather.evaluateAgainstNode(TagNode node)
          Main public method for this class - a way to execute XPath expression against specified TagNode instance.
 void CleanerProperties.fireConditionModification(ITagNodeCondition condition, TagNode tagNode)
 void CleanerProperties.fireHtmlError(boolean certainty, TagNode startTagToken, ErrorType type)
 void CleanerProperties.fireUglyHtml(boolean certainty, TagNode startTagToken, ErrorType errorType)
 void CleanerProperties.fireUserDefinedModification(boolean certainty, TagNode tagNode, ErrorType errorType)
 String Serializer.getAsString(TagNode tagNode)
 String Serializer.getAsString(TagNode tagNode, boolean omitEnvelope)
 String Serializer.getAsString(TagNode tagNode, String charset)
 String Serializer.getAsString(TagNode tagNode, String charset, boolean omitEnvelope)
 String HtmlCleaner.getInnerHtml(TagNode node)
          For the specified node, returns it's content as string.
 String XmlSerializer.getXmlAsString(TagNode tagNode)
          Deprecated. Use getAsString() instead.
 String XmlSerializer.getXmlAsString(TagNode tagNode, String charset)
          Deprecated. Use getAsString() instead.
protected  boolean XmlSerializer.isForbiddenAttribute(TagNode tagNode, String attName, String value)
          Override to add additional conditions.
protected  boolean XmlSerializer.isForbiddenTag(TagNode tagNode)
protected  boolean XmlSerializer.isMinimizedTagSyntax(TagNode tagNode)
protected  boolean HtmlSerializer.isMinimizedTagSyntax(TagNode tagNode)
protected  boolean HtmlCleaner.isRemovingNodeReasonablySafe(TagNode startTagToken)
protected  boolean Serializer.isScriptOrStyle(TagNode tagNode)
protected  void SimpleXmlSerializer.serialize(TagNode tagNode, Writer writer)
protected  void SimpleHtmlSerializer.serialize(TagNode tagNode, Writer writer)
protected abstract  void Serializer.serialize(TagNode tagNode, Writer writer)
protected  void PrettyXmlSerializer.serialize(TagNode tagNode, Writer writer)
protected  void PrettyHtmlSerializer.serialize(TagNode tagNode, Writer writer)
protected  void CompactXmlSerializer.serialize(TagNode tagNode, Writer writer)
protected  void CompactHtmlSerializer.serialize(TagNode tagNode, Writer writer)
protected  void BrowserCompactXmlSerializer.serialize(TagNode tagNode, Writer writer)
protected  void XmlSerializer.serializeAttribute(TagNode tagNode, Writer writer, String attName, String attValue)
          This allows overriding to eliminate forbidden attributes (for example javascript attributes onclick, onblur, etc.
protected  void XmlSerializer.serializeCData(CData item, TagNode tagNode, Writer writer)
          Serialize a CDATA section.
protected  void XmlSerializer.serializeContentToken(ContentNode item, TagNode tagNode, Writer writer)
          Serialize a content token, escaping where necessary.
protected  void XmlSerializer.serializeEndTag(TagNode tagNode, Writer writer)
protected  void XmlSerializer.serializeEndTag(TagNode tagNode, Writer writer, boolean newLine)
protected  void HtmlSerializer.serializeEndTag(TagNode tagNode, Writer writer, boolean newLine)
protected  void XmlSerializer.serializeOpenTag(TagNode tagNode, Writer writer)
protected  void XmlSerializer.serializeOpenTag(TagNode tagNode, Writer writer, boolean newLine)
protected  void HtmlSerializer.serializeOpenTag(TagNode tagNode, Writer writer, boolean newLine)
protected  void PrettyHtmlSerializer.serializePrettyHtml(TagNode tagNode, Writer writer, int level, boolean isPreserveWhitespaces, boolean isLastNewLine)
protected  void PrettyXmlSerializer.serializePrettyXml(TagNode tagNode, Writer writer, int level)
 void HtmlCleaner.setInnerHtml(TagNode node, String content)
          For the specified tag node, defines it's html content.
 boolean TagNodeVisitor.visit(TagNode parentNode, HtmlNode htmlNode)
          Action to be performed on single node in the tree
 void Serializer.write(TagNode tagNode, Writer writer, String charset)
          Writes specified node using specified writer.
 void Serializer.write(TagNode tagNode, Writer writer, String charset, boolean omitEnvelope)
          Writes specified node using specified writer.
 void Serializer.writeToFile(TagNode tagNode, String fileName)
          Writes specified TagNode to the file, using system default charset.
 void Serializer.writeToFile(TagNode tagNode, String fileName, boolean omitEnvelope)
          Writes specified TagNode to the file, using specified charset and optionally omits node envelope (skips open and close tags of the node).
 void Serializer.writeToFile(TagNode tagNode, String fileName, String charset)
          Writes specified TagNode to the file, using specified charset.
 void Serializer.writeToFile(TagNode tagNode, String fileName, String charset, boolean omitEnvelope)
          Writes specified TagNode to the file, using specified charset and optionally omits node envelope (skips open and close tags of the node).
 void Serializer.writeToStream(TagNode tagNode, OutputStream out)
          Writes specified TagNode to the output stream, using system default charset.
 void Serializer.writeToStream(TagNode tagNode, OutputStream out, boolean omitEnvelope)
          Writes specified TagNode to the output stream, using system default charset and optionally omits node envelope (skips open and close tags of the node).
 void Serializer.writeToStream(TagNode tagNode, OutputStream out, String charset)
          Writes specified TagNode to the output stream, using specified charset.
 void Serializer.writeToStream(TagNode tagNode, OutputStream out, String charset, boolean omitEnvelope)
          Writes specified TagNode to the output stream, using specified charset and optionally omits node envelope (skips open and close tags of the node).
 void XmlSerializer.writeXml(TagNode tagNode, Writer writer, String charset)
          Deprecated. Use write() instead.
 void XmlSerializer.writeXmlToFile(TagNode tagNode, String fileName)
          Deprecated. Use writeToFile() instead.
 void XmlSerializer.writeXmlToFile(TagNode tagNode, String fileName, String charset)
          Deprecated. Use writeToFile() instead.
 void XmlSerializer.writeXmlToStream(TagNode tagNode, OutputStream out)
          Deprecated. Use writeToStream() instead.
 void XmlSerializer.writeXmlToStream(TagNode tagNode, OutputStream out, String charset)
          Deprecated. Use writeToStream() instead.

Uses of TagNode in org.htmlcleaner.audit

Methods in org.htmlcleaner.audit with parameters of type TagNode
 void HtmlModificationListenerLogger.fireConditionModification(ITagNodeCondition condition, TagNode tagNode)
 void HtmlModificationListener.fireConditionModification(ITagNodeCondition condition, TagNode tagNode)
          Fired when cleaner modifies html due to ITagNodeCondition match.
 void HtmlModificationListenerLogger.fireHtmlError(boolean safety, TagNode tagNode, ErrorType errorType)
 void HtmlModificationListener.fireHtmlError(boolean certain, TagNode tagNode, ErrorType errorType)
          Fired when cleaner fixes some error in html syntax.
 void HtmlModificationListenerLogger.fireUglyHtml(boolean safety, TagNode tagNode, ErrorType errorType)
 void HtmlModificationListener.fireUglyHtml(boolean certainty, TagNode tagNode, ErrorType errorType)
          Fired when cleaner fixes ugly html -- when syntax was correct but task was implemented by weird code.
 void HtmlModificationListenerLogger.fireUserDefinedModification(boolean safety, TagNode tagNode, ErrorType errorType)
 void HtmlModificationListener.fireUserDefinedModification(boolean certainty, TagNode tagNode, ErrorType errorType)
          Fired when cleaner modifies html due to user specified rules.

Uses of TagNode in org.htmlcleaner.conditional

Methods in org.htmlcleaner.conditional with parameters of type TagNode
 boolean TagNodeNameCondition.satisfy(TagNode tagNode)
 boolean TagNodeInsignificantBrCondition.satisfy(TagNode tagNode)
 boolean TagNodeEmptyContentCondition.satisfy(TagNode tagNode)
 boolean TagNodeAutoGeneratedCondition.satisfy(TagNode tagNode)
 boolean TagNodeAttValueCondition.satisfy(TagNode tagNode)
 boolean TagNodeAttNameValueRegexCondition.satisfy(TagNode tagNode)
 boolean TagNodeAttExistsCondition.satisfy(TagNode tagNode)
 boolean TagAllCondition.satisfy(TagNode tagNode)
 boolean ITagNodeCondition.satisfy(TagNode tagNode)

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