Package org.htmlcleaner

Interface Summary
BaseToken Base token interface.
HtmlNode Marker interface denoting nodes of the document tree
ITagInfoProvider Provides set of TagInfo instances.
TagNodeVisitor Defines action to be performed on TagNodes

Class Summary
BaseTokenImpl Base class for all tokens.
BrowserCompactXmlSerializer Browser compact XML serializer - creates resulting XML by stripping whitespaces wherever possible, but preserving single whitespace where at least one exists.
CleanerProperties Properties defining cleaner's behaviour
CleanerTransformations Contains transformation collection.
CommandLine Command line usage class.
CommentNode HTML comment token.
CompactHtmlSerializer Compact HTML serializer - creates resulting HTML by stripping whitespaces wherever possible.
CompactXmlSerializer Compact XML serializer - creates resulting XML by stripping whitespaces.
ConfigFileTagProvider Configuration file tag provider - reads XML file in specified format and creates a Tag Provider.
ContentNode HTML text token.
DefaultTagProvider This is the default tag provider for HTML Cleaner Note this is no longer generated from XML - see
DoctypeToken HTML doctype token.
DomSerializer DOM serializer - creates xml DOM.
EndTagToken HTML tag end token.
HtmlCleaner Main HtmlCleaner class.
HtmlCleanerForAnt Support for ANT.
HtmlSerializer Abstract HTML serializer - contains common logic for descendants.
HtmlTokenizer Main HTML tokenizer.
JDomSerializer JDom serializer - creates xml JDom instance out of the TagNode.
PrettyHtmlSerializer Pretty HTML serializer - creates resulting HTML with indenting lines.
PrettyXmlSerializer Pretty XML serializer - creates resulting XML with indenting lines.
Serializer Basic abstract serializer - contains common logic for descendants (methods writeXXX().
SimpleHtmlSerializer Simple HTML serializer - creates resulting HTML without indenting and/or compacting.
SimpleXmlSerializer Simple XML serializer - creates resulting XML without indenting lines.
SpecialEntities This class contains map with special entities used in HTML and their unicodes.
TagInfo Class contains information about single HTML tag.
It also contains rules for tag balancing.
TagNode XML node tag - basic node of the cleaned HTML tree.
TagToken HTML tag token - descendants are start (TagNode) and end token (EndTagToken).
TagTransformation Describes how specified tag is transformed to another one, or is ignored during parsing
Utils Common utilities.
XmlSerializer Abstract XML serializer - contains common logic for descendants.
XPather Utility for searching cleaned document tree with XPath expressions.

Enum Summary
Display Most HTML 4 elements permitted within the BODY are classified as either block-level elements or inline elements.

Exception Summary
HtmlCleanerException General HtmlCleaner runtime exception.
XPatherException Exception that could occure during XPather evaluation.

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