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Uses of BaseToken in org.htmlcleaner

Subinterfaces of BaseToken in org.htmlcleaner
 interface HtmlNode
          Marker interface denoting nodes of the document tree

Classes in org.htmlcleaner that implement BaseToken
 class BaseTokenImpl
          Base class for all tokens.
 class CData
 class CommentNode
          HTML comment token.
 class ContentNode
          HTML text token.
 class DoctypeToken
          HTML doctype token.
 class EndTagToken
          HTML tag end token.
 class TagNode
           XML node tag - basic node of the cleaned HTML tree.
 class TagToken
          HTML tag token - descendants are start (TagNode) and end token (EndTagToken).

Methods in org.htmlcleaner that return types with arguments of type BaseToken
 List<? extends BaseToken> TagNode.getAllChildren()

Method parameters in org.htmlcleaner with type arguments of type BaseToken
 void TagNode.addChildren(List<? extends BaseToken> newChildren)
          Add all elements from specified list to this node.
 void TagNode.setChildren(List<? extends BaseToken> children)

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